a guaranteed solution for all kinds of alopecia

The biggest issue for people experiencing the symptoms of alopecia is the lack of effective treatment options. Whilst therapies such as immunotherapy, corticosteroids and minoxidil can sometimes help, their effectiveness is generally poor. Scalp micropigmentation remains the ONLY alopecia treatment to provide 100% guaranteed, instantaneous results.

Scalp micropigmentation does not cure alopecia, but it does provide an extremely effective camouflage. Unlike wigs and temporary concealers, SMP is permanent and can even be applied in a specific way to allow for future hair loss, or changes to your hair loss pattern. If your alopecia goes away, gets worse or affects a new area of your scalp, we have you covered.

With so many people getting poor results from traditional alopecia treatments, its easy to see why so many men and women are choosing scalp micropigmentation as their preferred option.

How does the process work?

The first step is to thoroughly assess your symptoms and the areas affected. We’ll also ask about your history with alopecia, to forecast what is likely to happen in the future. With this information, we then create a treatment plan catered to your individual needs.

We replicate shaven hair follicles using tiny deposits of specialized pigment, implanted into the upper dermis of your skin. SMP is a highly specific and superficial tattooing process that should only be performed by impeccably trained and experienced artists in this field. This cannot be performed by tattoo artists.

Most scalp micropigmentation treatments are completed over 3 sessions, however depending on your own physiology, you may need a fourth session to complete your transformation. Each session lasts 2-4 hours, and there is zero downtime between each session.