the removal solution for unwanted scalp micropigmentation

Responsible scalp micropigmentation clinics should always have an effective removal solution in place. Unfortunately the quality of work is often inconsistent from one clinic to the next, and at Scalp Clinic PR, we regularly receive requests to remove sub-standard SMP treatments performed by other practitioners.

Perhaps your scalp micropigmentation treatment wasn’t so bad after all, but you just don’t want it anymore. Or your preferences might have changed and you want to make an adjustment to your hairline, reduce the density of your deposits or lighten the color. We can help!

UNDO™ is the gold standard in scalp micropigmentation removal. Requiring no lasers and being a much more developed process compared to basic saline removal, UNDO™ is designed by SMP artists specifically for the removal of SMP.

Why choose UNDO™?

There are just three removal options for SMP – laser removal, saline removal and UNDO™.

Laser removal works, but the process is painful and carries a significant risk of burning and scarring, particularly for those with Hispanic or darker skin tones. Several sessions are required, spaced at least 6 weeks apart. In some cases it can take a year to remove a bad SMP treatment.

Saline removal is suitable only for the smallest of areas. The process can be painful and cause a lot of bleeding. Several sessions are required to achieve an acceptable result in most cases.

UNDO™ is safer than laser removal, less invasive and painful than saline removal, and is highly effective in large and small areas. Quite simply, UNDO™ is a more effective solution for those who want to remove their scalp micropigmentation treatment.

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