carlos montes: one of the world’s leading scalp micropigmentation artists and educators

Trained in Toronto and New York City, Carlos has risen through the SMP hall of fame to become one of the world’s most respected, recommended and requested scalp micropigmentation specialists.

Often referred to as ‘the artist for SMP artists’, Carlos is often the practitioner chosen by leading technicians for their own procedures. Although many SMP specialists regularly produce exceptional work, Carlos’ treatments are a benchmark by which many others judge their own results, and he is often consulted by other artists about particularly challenging cases they are working on.

Sharing his knowledge as a SMP trainer was a logical and natural progression for Carlos. Passionate about quality SMP education, Carlos is proud of the role he has played in launching the careers of many artists who have found extraordinary success in their own countries.

Carlos welcomes new opportunities to connect with clients—including many industry colleagues who seek out his services—to provide life-changing solutions to an age-old problem. He understands the struggle on a deep personal level and was thrilled to discover Scalp Micropigmentation at a time when it seemed he had exhausted all options for combating hair loss.

Today, Carlos is renowned for his expertise and artistry in the field and credited with bringing this revolutionary procedure to Puerto Rico where he founded Scalp Clinic PR. Since entering the industry, Carlos has been recognized for his exceptional work a “Best SMP Artist” winner at the International Permanent Cosmetics Show in Miami 2019 and as London’s Team Micro Award’s “Best International Artist” finalist in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

When he started losing his hair at 20, Carlos tried all of the usual treatments, including Propecia, Rogaine and various concealers. As is the case for many guys, none of them did much good, while some had negative side effects. An expensive hair transplant at 25 would leave Carlos with little new hair and an unsightly scar at the back of his head.

Hiding the scar meant keeping his hair longer than desired—yet another obstacle to looking and feeling his best. In search of a real and permanent solution, he traveled to Canada in 2015 for Scalp Micropigmentation, a relatively new practice at the time and unavailable in the Puerto Rico. The results were astounding, sparking renewed confidence, vitality and power.

Carlos’s incredible experience with the procedure inspired him to begin his own Scalp Micropigmentation training and eventual mastery of the art and science behind it.

Carlos Montes was born and raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico. He moved to Louisville KY when he was 14 and later to Tucson, Arizona at 21. Carlos holds an MBA from the University of South Dakota and a bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University. He worked in the home development/construction industry before moving back to Puerto Rico during the 2008 financial crisis. Here, he took a position with Hewlett Packard, but left the company in 2016 to start Scalp Clinic.

Since becoming a full-time Scalp Micropigmentation practitioner and business owner, Carlos hasn’t looked back and doesn’t intend to. The transition has been nothing short of transformational for Carlos who is rewarded every time he can help someone regain their self-confidence. He is committed to delivering personalized service and professional results that recreate density, natural hairlines and youthful styles to men of all ages.

When he’s not working, Carlos stays active playing tennis, golf and basketball. He loves spending time with family, traveling, trying new restaurants and playing in lively poker games.