How does scalp micropigmentation help our female clients?

Hair loss affects women as well as men. It is a topic that is still largely taboo, with few women willing to discuss it publicly. Suffering in silence many times they resort to spending large amounts of money on commercialized treatments that can be largely ineffective.

We use advanced scalp micropigmentation to create an illusion of density. Through competent application of this treatment, the contrast between the hair and the scalp is reduced, making the hair appear thicker and fuller. 

Although women do shave their hair from time to time, most of our female clients do not wish to do so, in which case our density-filling scalp micropigmentation technique is ideal for women who are experiencing thinning of their hair, or patchy hair loss triggered by a condition like alopecia or tricotillomania.

How Does The Process Work?

Our first priority is to ascertain the cause of your hair loss, and whether or not your hair loss is likely to progress further in the future. We also need to ensure there are no contraindications, or medical reasons why scalp micropigmentation would not be suitable.

The vast majority of women who contact us are suitable candidates for treatment, so we create a session plan to fit around your commitments and our treatment schedule. Typically 2-3 sessions, each treatment is spaced a week apart with each session lasting 2-4 hours. We always aim to be flexible so let us know if you have challenging work or social commitments ahead.

Throughout the treatment process we are on hand to assess your progress, and answer any questions you may have. Remember we are regarded as one of the world’s best SMP clinics, so you can expect nothing less than first class service at all times.